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About Antonio Ibrahine

Antonio Ibrahine is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Antonio studied and worked in Brazil and in Germany. Both places helped him greatly to develop as a composer and a storyteller. In those contrasting cultures, Antonio managed to deepen himself in a wide range of styles (from Classical/Orchestral to Pop, Jazz, Brazilian music), which later ended up helping him so much on translating the director's ideas into music, and potentializing the storytelling.

In Germany, Antonio also enhanced his passion for Electronic Music and Sound Design, which happens to be one of his favorite ways to support the narrative of movies or games. He believes that the creation of new unknown sounds for those media has the potential to make them truly memorable, transporting the audience to a completely new place with its distinct set of emotions, soundscapes, and tones.

In the last years, Antonio has collaborated with more than 40 projects - mainly independent movies, games, video arts, and theater. He was nominated for the best Original Music in the “Feel the Reel International Film Festival”, as well as for having participated in important film festivals, such as Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. In the year of 2021, Antonio received the Harry Warren Award to study Screen Scoring at USC, where he is currently enrolled.

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